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Agni Rustic Jute Cotton Woven Rug


This beautiful Rustic rug made with a mix of Jutu and Chindi mix .
Jutu – a sustainable material & highly durable as well.
Chindi- dyed cotton .
This Rustic looking rug can be used in any location of your home .
Rough texture of the rug can bear heavy traffic.


Product Code – JET/RUG/JU/014

Size – 60x90cms

Care Tips
-We recommend to dry clean the rug for better maintain of the Rug . However if hand washed avoid using strong washing powder.

– Remove any kind of spills immediately, liquid or food. We recommend you blot the liquid with clean cloth or kitchen towel immediately to absorbed the liquid to avoid staining.

– Always store your rug by rolling the top inwards. Store in a dry place in your house. To avoid colleting of dust wrap the in cloth or plastic paper. Please note when you wrap in plastic paper to have ventilation holes .

-Dust or vacuum your rug regularly. Avoid any high heat on the surface when cleaning .

-Direct exposure of sun might have an affect on the long term use of the Rug .

-Always cut the loose ends with a scissor do not try to break with your hand