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How to decorate your home this Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas !! Shops have started to display the Christmas collections. Decorating our houses is the start to all the festivities & entrainment in the month of December . Here we are sharing a home décor guide to help you add chic to your decorating. Before you start decorating It’s relavent to understand the aesthetics of your house. Whether your home is Modern , Contemporary, Rustic, Boheminan, minimalist ect and allow your Christmas décor to blend with the setting of your home.

The most Important first step is to pick your season’s colour theme . Red , Green , Gold, Silver, White are the traditionally used colours and lets not forget it’s so much easier to find Christmas accessories in these colour palette. Of course Red & Green screams Christmas like no other colour combo, but it doesn’t mean you can’t step out from the traditional. The modern day Chirstmas colours vary from Purple/Pink to Black. Christmas always have a nostalgic feeling to it. It brings back memories of our childhood so, you can never go wrong keeping to the traditional colours and still maki it look chic.

The center piece of the house is the Christmas Tree . Make sure to give extra attention when decorating the tree. Don’t over crowed it with each and every tree ornament you find in the attic. There are many types of tree ornaments you can choose from – Stars, Baubles, Raindeer, Angels ,Lights, Holly Flower and much more. Pick your favorite two or three items or just keep it simple with Baubles. Baubles & Stars are the most commonly used tree ornaments . It works well together. If you are on a budget this Christmas and don’t want to buy new tree ornaments, here is a cost effective twist.

Buy some sequins or beads incorporate it to the baubles by pasting them on . It will add a new look to the old Baubles.

Next Step is to deck the rest of the house. Always remember less is more. Not all spaces need to be decorated equally. Some spaces could be more decorated than others so don’t go over board it will clutter the place. Remember this season we are keeping it chic. Garlands, Door Wreathes , Candles, Lights, Ceramic Ornaments of Santa Claus, Raindeer , Elf, Doves would be an ideal option. Don’t forget to keep to the colour theme across the spaces. Besides the Christmas tree , next important center piece in the house would be the dinning table. As all Christmas parties would be centered around a festive meal. Here are two options you can consider whilst setting up your table décor. You can set a elegant rich table runner as per your colour theme pair it with a festive appropriate center piece. You could use a Holly flower centerpiece …… or even just baubles in a glass vase. Should you want to keep it simple and work around with what you have at home , You can have a mix of fresh foliage . Pine leaves, Fernes which are easily available at any flower shop . Lay the leaves in the center of the table and in between place different size Candles, Pine Corns, or even fruits like oranges any as per your choice . The advantage with a simple setting like this is you can go all out with the serveware .

Hope this guide will help you set up a festive appropriate setting at home.

Merry Christmas !!