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Candles are seasons must have , here are few tips.

Holidays are around the corner , A time families gather to celebrate and the smell of baking fills the home.  These are the memories  & traditions we carry during the season. In 2020 all this has changed for us .Many  would avoid gatherings or may   entertain smaller groups of family & friends to celebrate the season or the dawn of the new year  .   Whatever you do decide,  we recommend you decorate your homes to keep the spirit of the season alive. 

Candles are an essential décor in our homes especially during the season .  The aroma  that is generated from a scented candle transforms the ambience. However, there is more to lighting a candle than picking your favorite fragrance.     Here are few tips  for you.

Keeping the candle burning –  We recommend you light the candle 1- 1 ½  hours before the guests arrive  (Of course the burning time depends on the size of the candle)   by doing this the room would be filled with the aroma by the time they arrive.  However, avoid lighting the candle longer than 4 hours .

Trimming of the wick –  when you light previously  lit candle make sure you trim the wick before lighting . Avoid  cutting the wick  too short as it might  get submerged in the wax.  Every time you light a candle allow it to burn for minimum 2 hours so the wax  burns evenly and avoids making a little  hole for the wick to get drown  in . 

Time & Place – They say everything has a time & place , so does lighting of a candle.  Although a scented candle   comes off as the perfect accessory to be included at your dining table to blend with that perfectly cooked meal , we say rethink this arrangement . Lighting a scented candle only takes away the amazing aroma that comes from the meal you have prepared. So lets keep the scented candles for other areas of the house . If you must light a candle then we recommend you go ahead with a non scented candle . If you visit Paradise Road shops you will be able to find non scented beautiful candles in the shape of Water Lilly, Frangipani, , Leaves, and  even a basic pillar or tea light.

Choice of Fragrance –  There are many candle brands in the market today, many are home run  businesses.  To create differentiation to a very generic product these manufactures are developing many fragrances . Combination of two fragrances  seems to be the new trend these days .  This situation creates an abundance of choice to a buyer. So don’t go crazy with the choice.  We recommend you pick 3-4 fragrances of your choice for a season .  Let it be your signature fragrance .    Pick the appropriate fragrance for the space. For example soft scent of Lavender or Coconut would be ideal for the bedroom . These fragrances also helps you to have a good nights sleep.  Cinnamon or Coffee  on the other hand would be an ideal choice for the Living room  . A stronger aroma like  Lemon, Lemongrass, Grapefruit  would be perfect for the Bathroom .  One advice to you, avoid adding any scented  candle to the kitchen.  Let the natural aroma of preparation of delicious food fill the room .

Snuff it out – Don’t blow out your candle in front of your guests it’s almost seems like you lack mannerisms plus you will end up splashing the wax around the surface.  The best way to extinguish your candle is to use a candle snuffer . Which are easily available  at any home décor stores .  

Preserve & Protect –  When you purchase a scented candle pick the once with a top cover. Having a lid helps to preserve the scent for a longer period of time. Having a lid also helps to protect from dust collecting on top of the candle. 

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