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Summer Trends For 2021

I am fascinated how the trends for 2021 have immerged from what we are facing globally. More and more we are confined to our home and our homes have become our sanctuary. Most of the 2021 trends are about bring in the nature indoors, as we are unable to freely experience the nature’s beauty. It’s almost an obsession for this year.

Adding more Greenery to the home including your Bedroom & Kitchen is a lovely summer trend. Natural flower pots/green leafy plants brings in the sense of calmness and happiness to a space.

Going green in the kitchen is a hot trend this season . Using green colour tiles to the back splash or even green matt finish pantry cupboards or simply having one wall in a selected area of the house painted green are ways to incorporate this summer trend to your home. Sage green, Pistachios green, Olive green , Dark forest are trending this season.

One of the most trending words in interior design world for 2021 is “Cottagecore “. You must be thinking I misspelt it . No, not at all! Googol it up and you will understand. Its about a simpler life. Almost taking us way back in time before the internet , smart phones took over our life.

Cottagecore is almost like revisiting your grandmother’s house. It’s a vintage look but in a simpler way . To create your own Cottagcore space you could add in your grandmother’s old knitted throw , few linen fabric single colour cushions mixed with mismatching patterns , may be a vintage like carpet, a floral lace curtain . Nothing needs to be perfectly matching its all about creating cozy nostalgic space.

Earth Tones colours & décor is an extension of 2020. Its all about incorporating natural colours , material into your home to create that calmness and stability. You can start by using earthly tone paint on the walls and accessorize with Wood, Rattan (Cane) , Jutu furniture/accessories.

Japandi Style has been in the interior design world for few years but this summer is making a popular trend. Like many of the aesthetic trending taking shape this year Japandi is about minimalism. Very clean no fuss look. You could incorporate Wooden, Ratten, Ceramic In décor to dinnerware. Tall vases , candle stands that adds character.