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It’s time for a home office corner

Well the fact is , it seems many of us would be working from home for many many months to come . I think its time to fix our make shift office space to a comfortable work space  .  Many of us  have resorted to working from our  couch or using part of the dining table. With  power cords   lying across the living room floor and the pet dog not helping the situation by running across and unplugging  the power cords, oh what a messy site!!!  That’s why we think  its time you make a permanent space for your office at home  & make it fun . 

The Rule of Thumb is no matter what you decide to purchase it needs to blend with the rest of the furniture in the space and at low cost.  Let’s be realistic times are hard and buying anything expensive would be out of the question.  Adding versatile furniture items that you can continue to use once you are back at work full time (if ever that happens)  would be the best option. 

So lets start with the Table. Depending on the space you have we recommend you purchase a non -conventional office table.  This could be a small round table which can be placed in a corner of the room  or even a  square coffee table would work, if you are able to add some comfortable floor cushions.   You  will   be able to purchase  these items at a low cost from IKEA or even at a local auction house.  If you are lucky you might be able to grab an antique table at a  reasonable price. 

Chair! Depending on the table you choose I suggest you look at a dining room chair with colourful and bight upholstery. This could be a fun element in the space.  If you are able to splurge a bit try Space Furniture or even Mahogany Masterpieces.  Let’ face it comfortable seating is a must.

The part that excites me the most is adding the accessories.  To avoid the clutter of stationery on the table, buy a   pouch or a translucent pencil holder, even a mesh pencil holder. May be an unconventional item that serves the purpose.  Be as creative as you want. We recommend you visit House of Gifts to purchase your accessories. Rest assured you will find a quirky piece at a reasonable price.

 A must have in your new office space  is a small plant  to add an element of freshness . A plant that requires low sunlight that could be  easily managed as well . How about a  Snake plant , Alovera  or even a Golden Pothos ? Pick your choice .

Another important item is a desk lamp.  Maybe the lighting in the room might not be the best so by adding a desk lamp it would give the area enough brightness & add character to space.